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Angel Segura, MS LMFT- Associate

Supervised by:

Cynthia Jefferson, LMFT-S #201605

Spanish Speaking

Weekends available upon request

Adults & Adolescents; Individuals, Couples, & Families

Specialties & Interests:

“Rebellious teens”, toxic masculinity, sexual issues & desire differences, Spanish speaking families, 1st generation /acculturation/ immigration, gender identity, LGBTQ+, sex positivity & kink, polyamorous relationships & ethical non-monogamy

Fee: $90 per 50-minute session

About Me:

Change is easy. Said no one ever. Change can be intimidating, and it takes intentional effort and work. Though this is often true, what isn’t true of change, is that it has to be accomplished alone and without resources. When you buy a house, you hire a realtor; when you need an extra hand with tax laws that are waaayy too complicated (for us mere mortals), you hire an accountant. So why wouldn’t you hire a consultant for your relational and emotional life?  A high-quality professional and a motivated client can make a massive impact on a person’s happiness and wellbeing.  I would love to be that person who helps you turn things around.

I see individuals, couples/poly relationships, and families. I have extensive experience working with adolescents and “rebellious teens”.  Couples with sexual desire differences and/or individuals struggling with sexual concerns are a focus of mine as well. I am Spanish speaking, so I am capable of assisting individuals/couples/families within this community. I work from an empathetic, non-judgmental stance in which I affirm and celebrate differences including sex/kink positivity, LGBTQIA+, and ethical non-monogamy.

I operate from a systemic point of view which allows me to view your story through a holistic lens, while you are front and center to tell me about your lived experiences. My role is not to make change for you, rather it is to provide you with the tools you need to create the change for yourself.  You’re the expert on your life and you call the shots; just think of me as a guide, helping you find the most efficient way to your destination!

No one expects you to have all the answers, so why work yourself to the point of overwhelm when there are people whose jobs are to help carry some of that burden? For this, I’m your guy! I very much look forward to working with you.

Professional Affiliations:

Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT)

Member of the Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (TAMFT)

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