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Sara Sanchez, MEd LMFT- Associate

Registered Yoga Therapist (RYT)

Supervised by:

Kayli Cross, LMFT-S #201562

Weekend Appointments Available

Adults & Adolescents 10yrs+; Family Therapy; Couples; Individuals

Specialties & Interests:

EMDR Trained

Anxiety, Stress & Burnout, LGBTQ+ & Gender Identity, Eating Disorder Recovery, Substance Abuse, Complex PTSD, Systemic Family Therapy, Nature-Based Therapy, Expressive Arts, Yoga Therapy

Fee: $115 per 50-minute session

About Me:

Is there space to create a new path?  Whenever I feel lost or stuck, I ask myself this question.

Usually, when someone comes to therapy, it’s because they’re at a crossroads – you might find yourself asking: do I keep going down this familiar, but bumpy road or brave a new path, a new adventure? 

I believe we all have an innate drive toward health and healing, and given the right circumstances and conditions, we are all capable of positive change. When it comes to your life, I am not the expert.  But I am willing to walk alongside you on a journey to choose something new. 

So, now I ask you - Is there space to create a new path?

I work with adolescents and adults to help them identify their values and goals, and to take practical steps toward building a life based on their own judgment and desires. I use a combination of mindfulness, and somatic techniques to encourage an embodied connection and often use narrative and solution-focused approaches to help clients identify their own strengths and promote growth. Additionally, I love to take the counseling relationship outside of the therapy office and experience the benefits of nature to help build resiliency and improve emotion regulation. 

Owning our individual stories is a powerful first step in creating positive change. The stories we tell ourselves influence how we feel about ourselves and the world we exist within; but sometimes influences from our social spheres, family system, and culture can leave us feeling isolated and unworthy.  My role in therapy is to ask the questions that allow individuals to connect to their own internal wisdom and discover their true value. 

Let’s build a new path together!

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