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How Much Does Counseling Cost in Texas?

Affordable Counseling in Texas

How much does counseling cost in Texas?

The average cost of counseling and therapy sessions in Texas is $50-$200 per session.

The cost of therapy in Texas varies depending on the counselor's experience, licensure level, location, & demand.

See the chart below for a break-down of the average cost for a therapist in Texas based on licensure level.

How much does counseling cost in texas

How much does therapy cost in Dallas, Texas?

The typical cost of therapy in Dallas, Texas is anywhere between $75-$250 per session

Therapist fees vary between Dallas private practices and, again, are indicative of the counselor's level & experience.

How Much Does Therapy Cost in Dallas Texas

At The Mind Parlor, our in-person and virtual therapy fees are between

$65-$165 per 50-minutes.

We aim to provide affordable mental health care, without sacrificing quality. To learn more about how we do this, CLICK HERE. 

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