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Brittany Stilwell, MS, LPC


Senior Gender Identity Specialist

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Anxiety, Stress Management, & Mindfulness; Borderline Personality Disorder & Cluster B; Gender Identity, Gender Dysphoria, & Transgender; LGBTQ+ 

Fee: $150 per 50-minute session

About Me:

First things first... You are not "broken"; there is not something "wrong" with you. Oh yeah, and you're not "crazy." We all develop views of the world and coping behaviors based on our life experiences. It's what your brain does naturally to help you adapt and survive!


I enjoy helping my clients become aware of these skills and utilize them effectively. Simultaneously, I enjoy helping my clients develop new skills and tools to help them in the places where the old ones just aren't working anymore.

I counsel adolescents & adults and frequently use mindfulness techniques to assist clients in building resiliency to stress. I work closely with family members of personality disordered individuals, abuse victims, and challenges unique to being in the LGBTQ+ community. My primary specialty/focus is with Gender Dysphoria & other gender related concerns.

Professional Affiliations & Features:

Member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, WPATH

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Featured in DFW Child Magazine, 2019

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