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A little about us and what we value...

Let's get started with what's most important.

Our values.

The core of our company. The reasons why you might choose one practice over another. And how to find the best quality therapist.

We sum this up in a few key concepts:

Specialized Mental Health Care

Collaborative Therapy

Holistic Health

and an integration of actual science...

Neuroscience & Brain Health

At The Mind Parlor,  we believe this carefully curated formula is the surest way to provide the best quality care to any client. In addition, we vet and recruit top tier counselors in Texas to bring you some of the best therapists in Dallas, TX. 

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Best Therapists in Dallas

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Specialized Health "Boutique"

No matter what's "on your shelf", we know a knowledgeable therapist who has developed that trade. Think of us as your local boutique offering unique perspectives and a cozy nook to sip coffee and unpack.

We place a high emphasis on specialized care.  We're not a fan of the "one-therapist-fits-all" approach to emotional and mental health.  The brain is just too complex for that. 

This is why each professional, both on staff, and within our preferred partners network, has select specialties.  Every therapist at The Mind Parlor has verified training and experience specific to their area of focus. 

Uniquely Selected for You...

The Mind Parlor's counseling concierge will match each client with the therapist best fitted to their specific needs. This includes budget.

In this field, like many others, you get what you pay for.  That's not to say you can't find a quality counselor at an affordable rate - it's just not always easy.  Lucky enough, we've already done the work for you! 

We employ high-caliber therapists and offer a sliding scale of fees.  Our thorough vetting process and collaborative approach will ensure quality is never sacrificed, even if you need reduced rate counseling.  

We won't match you with anyone we wouldn't see ourselves. 

Creative & Holistic Care

From nutrition to medical care or spiritual well-being, we'll curate the most effective recipe based on your personal taste.

We believe in looking at every angle of a case.  In other words, a 360-degree model of care.  The body functions as a system, not in isolated segments.  Counseling isn't the end-all be-all for every case and we know that.

Enter our colleagues... we refer to and collaborate with a multitude of professionals on any given case. Doctors, Psychiatrists & Psychologists (yes, there's a difference), Chiropractors, Yoga Therapists... you name it! 

We'll collaborate with pretty much everyone except your dentist.  Unless... there's a reason we should talk to your dentist?  Hey, whatever you need; there's a first time for everything! 

Collaborative Super-Team

We're here to help people grow.  To save you time, we have multiple hands on the job. 

People are complex and we firmly believe no one professional has all the answers.  That's why our team attends frequent collaborative meetings - Therapists continue to perfect their craft and each client receives the top counseling minds in Texas at an affordable cost.

Utilizing our team of therapists, both in and out-of-house, we can tackle multi-faceted cases together.

Proven Methods & Neuroscience

We incorporate the latest neuroscience & research to help you understand your brain, your body, your emotions, and how they work together as a system.  This knowledge can provide an in-depth perspective on your situation and can inform how to best care for yourself.

Take care of your brain - It's vital in what makes you... you.

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