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Now Hiring!

2020 brought us a LOT of baggage...

And we could use some help unpacking it!

We're looking for our future counseling colleagues to join our team of specialists in private practice.

Candidates at any of the following licensure levels are welcome to apply:

LPC/LMFT, LPC-A/LMFT-A, Masters Intern

To apply, send your resume & cover letter to

Careers & Internships

At The Mind Parlor, we emphasize high quality and specialized care.  Not just for our clients, but for our therapists too!

Mental health practitioners are far too often under paid and overworked; juggling copious responsibilities, an overbooked caseload, and arduous business tasks, all with the expectation of maintaining complete focus on the care of their clients.  This pattern inevitably leads to burnout for the therapist and subpar care for the client. 

At The Mind Parlor, we're committed to breaking that pattern.  


Therapists aren't exactly known for their business savvy... after all, we got into this gig because we're passionate about helping people!  Running a business can be challenging and time consuming to say the least.


That's why we fostered an environment where counselors can simply and autonomously focus on their passions, clients, and self-care without red tape or the stress of managing a business.  We provide the office, infrastructure, marketing & billing systems, etc, etc.!  

Most importantly, we provide a supportive, comfortable, & collaborative environment where therapists can focus on what they do best - therapy. 

To apply, send your resume & cover letter to 

Or click here to send us a message through the site!

Counseling Internships

We offer paid internships to both Master's Level and Licensed Interns (LPC-A/LMFT-A). 

Yes, you read that right... paid internship.  Even for graduate students working off-campus to gain practicum hours! 

Our internship program is appropriate for those who want experience working either part-time or full-time in a private practice setting.  In addition to gaining hours for your degree or provisional license, you will gain invaluable knowledge and experience related to marketing your specialty and maintaining a caseload in private practice, among many other things!

Plus, our interns often have the opportunity to remain on staff after they graduate and/or when they get their full license.  See below for detailed information on the types of internships we offer and how to apply.

Wall Shelf and Decorations

This internship is for graduate students enrolled in a masters counseling program who have completed at least one semester of practicum hours on campus and are ready to begin their off-campus internship.

The Mind Parlor can be used as a primary or secondary site to gain direct client hours required for your degree. 

Masters Level Internship

What's Required?

  • Maintain regular supervision through your university per your institution's requirements. 

  • Ensure site approval with your institution for your internship at The Mind Parlor. 

  • Desired specialty in Gender Dysphoria encouraged, but not a requirement.

Coffee on Desk
Licensed Internship

This internship is for licensed interns/associates who have completed a masters program in counseling or a related field, passed the NCE, and have a board approved provisional license (LPC-A/LMFT-A) through the state of Texas.

The Mind Parlor can be used as a primary or secondary site to gain direct client hours required for full licensure. 

What's Required?

  • Off-site licensed supervisor (LPC-S/LMFT-S) required. Supervision for licensed interns is not currently provided at The Mind Parlor.  We can, however,  provide excellent recommendations!

  • Maintain regular supervision with your off-site supervisor per state board requirements.

  • Desired specialty in Gender Dysphoria encouraged, but not a requirement.

To apply send your resume & cover letter to


In your cover letter, include the population(s) you wish to work with, your interests/desired specialties, and a little about you!

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