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Kenean Bekele

Masters Counseling Intern

Supervised by: Brittany Stilwell, MS LPC

Kenean Bekele Counselor.jpg

Adolescents & Adults; Individual Therapy

"People of color have felt underrepresented in the therapy space for quite some time.

Having personally experienced the challenges of immigration, displacement, and acculturation,

I bring empathy and a deeper understanding to my therapy practice."

Specialties at a glance:

Cultural Identity Therapy

Immigration & Acculturation Counseling

Religious Trauma Counseling

Transmen & Transwomen of Color

Additional areas of expertise: Neurodiversity, LGBTQIA+, minority stress, Spiritual & Religious Values & Deconstruction, Chronic Illness, and Trauma

**All therapist specialties are verified by The Mind Parlor and are supported by annual continuing education in these areas. 

About Me:

I specialize in addressing the psychological and emotional challenges commonly faced by immigrants and people of color, including acculturation & minority stress, cultural identity issues, and intergenerational conflict. My approach to therapy is intentional & inclusive of each clients’ cultural, spiritual, and religious values.


As part of The Mind Parlor team, I bring special attention to the unique challenges clients of color face as members of the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, I enjoy working with clients with disabilities or neurodivergence. Beyond cultural diversity counseling, I incorporate a variety of techniques including DBT, mindfulness, breathwork, trauma informed care, and motivational interviewing.  

I recognize the courage it takes to seek out therapy despite the negative stigma in our communities. I would like to be the first to say I am so proud of how far you have come and how far you're willing to go for yourself. If you're ready to explore therapy without feeling like you must abandon your community or cultural values, join me in session! 

Fee: $65 per 50-minute session

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