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Welcome! The Care Cottage is a cozy space we made just for you. 

Self-Care can be difficult, but it's crucial.

That's why we created this virtual free space for you to escape.

Let yourself roam;

peruse our self-care tips and products,

or take a "Brain Break".

Linger, gain inspiration, take a virtual vacation...

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Top Self-Care Products

For your convenience, we have listed some of our top products for self-care recommended by Licensed Professional Counselors.

Each of these items have been personally tested by our staff therapists and professional colleagues. 

We don't recommend anything we haven't used ourselves or given to our own family & friends. 

Words for Reflection... From the leaders in:

Self Compassion

"Let go of who you think you are supposed to be and be who you are."  -Brene Brown

"Self Compassion is a more effective motivator than self criticism because it's driving force is love, not fear."  -Kristen Neff

"If we want to fully experience love and belonging, we must believe that we are worthy of love and belonging."  -Brene Brown

Hint: Look for books by these authors if you need a little more on this topic. 

Zen Stones

Brain Breaks

Your brain needs a break too. Take a few moments to linger in our Brain Break section of The Care Cottage.


Just Breathe...




Hint: To get the most out of our Brain Breaks section of The Care Cottage, we recommend using a desktop computer as some features do not appear on a mobile device.

Brain Breaks at The Care Cottage

Time doesn't move hour to hour, but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun".

-Sandy Gingras

Find comfort in little things and joy in unexpected moments."

-Holly Elissa Bruno

Brain Breaks at The Care Cottage

Brain Breaks at The Care Cottage

"When everything feels like an uphill struggle,

just think of the view from the top."


Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU

Rainy Day Box

A Rainy Day Box is a collection of items used to comfort yourself.  It's something to have close by for those moments you really need it.  Fill it with things you love. Things that bring you joy or inspiration.  Images and symbols that soothe your pain and remind you of who you are.

We hope ours brightens your day a little, or at least provides inspiration to create a real one of your own at home. 

Remember, pain is inevitable... Suffering is optional. 

Our              Rainy Day Box


Image by 五玄土 ORIENTO
Homemade Natural Soap
New Flowers

Hot Tea

& A Good Book

Fresh Flowers

Soothing Baths

Aroma Therapy

Scented Candles

& Warm Blankets

Pile of woolen scarves
Notebook and Pen
Vintage Postcards

Cozy Sweaters




Words of Self Compassion

Loved Ones, Memories, Beautiful Places

The Care Cottage

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