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A collaborative counseling & psychotherapy practice emphasizing specialized and high quality care.

We're not a fan of "one size fits all"... it doesn't work for shoes and it definitely doesn't work for people. 

We also know your health and well-being are not places on which you want to skimp.

This is why we've spent years perfecting our craft and compiling a network of high-caliber specialists to fit any need.

We'll match you with the therapist that best fits you.  Even if that means setting you up with one of our preferred providers out of house. 

Bottom line, you deserve the best quality. 

At The Mind Parlor, we want you to have just that.

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Virtual & In-person Sessions Available!

We are excited to announce the opening of our brand new office space!  

We continue to offer secure, HIPAA compliant virtual sessions. In-person sessions are available on a limited basis for those with a preference. 

Face masks and social distancing are required in our suite, at all times, regardless of vaccination status. Following this policy will help us continue to offer in-person sessions to those who need it. 

Thank you for your cooperation as we do what we can to protect both our clients and staff! 

For more information about virtual therapy, 
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Self-Care Is More Important

                                                     Than Ever.

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for a virtual break

                                and inspiration.