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A collaborative counseling practice emphasizing specialized and high quality care.

Therapy in Dallas, TX

Virtual Therapists in Texas

About The Mind Parlor

We're not a fan of "one size fits all"...

it doesn't work for shoes and it definitely doesn't work for people.


We also know your mental health and well-being are not places in which you want to skimp. This is why we've spent years perfecting our craft and compiling a network of high-caliber counseling specialists to fit any need. We'll match you with the therapist who best fits you.  Even if that means setting you up with one of our preferred providers out of house. 


Bottom line, you deserve the best quality therapy. At The Mind Parlor, we want you to have just that.

Areas we serve

In person therapy in Dallas, TX and the surrounding DFW area.

Virtual therapists in Texas and participating PSYPACT states. 

Services at The Mind Parlor

individual therapy texas

Individual Counseling

One-on-one in person counseling in Dallas Texas or Texas statewide online therapy customized to the individual's needs.

family and relationship counseling texas

Family & Relational Counseling

Counseling services for families and couples with additional specialized support for the transgender, LGBTQIA+, and polyamorous communities.

Group Counseling Dallas TX

Group Counseling

Sometimes we need the validation of others who share in our same struggles. Group counseling provides  just that.  

gender neutral bathrooms in dallas texas

Select your preferred counseling style

For in-person therapy in Dallas, TX, we happily welcome you to our office! A cozy, safe, accepting environment with gender neutral bathrooms available and plenty of refreshments.  

For those who prefer a virtual therapist in Texas, we continue to offer secure & HIPAA compliant teletherapy sessions to anyone within the state. 

Self-Care Is More Important Than Ever.

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Shopping for self-care and emotional health products?


Visit The Care Cottage for the top recommended products by therapists in Texas.

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